Instagram trends: The significance of #squad (plus how brands should use it)

It was the theme that resonated throughout fashion month on fashion’s social platform of choice – Instagram. Most significantly there was #BalmainArmy and #ValentinoFamily not to mention Cara Delevingne, Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner posting pics of them and their crew backstage, front row and everywhere in between. Because #squad is a big deal right now and if anyone gets what that means, it’s those girls (along with Taylor Swift, who arguably kickstarted the whole movement).

In many ways #squad is Instagram’s expression of Fourth Wave feminism, not to be confused with #BFF or #clique. If you’re in a #squad, you’re there to play, win and do it within a supportive network. You mean business, but you’re not going stab anyone in the back to get where you want to be.Instagram trend 2015 squadBrands should use #squad to leverage key people within their companies and create a kind of social media ecosystem. It’s not enough just to be a singular, monolithic name any more – people want a human connection. If your marketing strategy is to sell a lifestyle to sell product (which it should be), it makes sense to utilise #squad because – right now, on social media – this is what consumers respond to (#squadgoals).

In addition, by referencing and tagging each other, everyone’s followings will grow at a speedier pace thus increasing your brand’s overall influence. So, basically #squad is feminist (which is awesome) but also makes good business sense. Joy.
Instagram trend 2015 squad

1. Build your social following by developing the individual social media streams of no more than four key team members alongside your overarching brand social media accounts.

2. Always tag each team member and the brand in each post (where it makes sense) to help grow and strengthen each person’s social followings, thus creating an influential social eco-system AKA a #squad.

3. Have fun with this strategy – it’s perfect for documenting team events and creativity sessions and should show off how great the culture of your brand and your brand’s lifestyle is.


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